Raja Deekshithar discovered the Sphinxes of India The Sphinxes of India, heritage, mythology and history. The sphinx is a well known symbol of ancient art and mythology. The Sphinxes of India discovered by Raja Deekshithar.

Sphinxes of India. Heritage, Mythology, History and Art

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The Call of the Sphinx






Raja Deekshithar's video on his discovery of sphinxes in the Indian civilization  Sphinx of India  is featured on the American website The Archaeology Channel.


Raja Deekshithar has published the following books:

The Hidden Treasure in the City of Ether, Chidambaram, 1997.

The Dance of Tillai Chidambaram , Chidambaram, 1998.

He has published the following articles:

‘Chidambaram-the Home of Siva’, in Tattvaloka feb/mar 1992 and Tattvaloka june/july 1996.

‘Have Sphinxes Travelled to India’, in Bres 179 (1996) and in L’Eta dell’ Acquario 117-118 (1999).

‘Akasha’, in Bres 194 (1999).

‘The Wonders behind Orion’, part 1 and 2, in Bres 196 and 197 (1999).

‘Vaidya, Vedic Healing’, in Nieznany (2000)

'Die Kraft de Symbole (Original title ‘The Temple and Yoga’) in Deutsches Yoga-Forum, no. 6, December 2002,

The Mysterious Indian Sphinx in Sulekha

Orion’s Wonders in Shiva’s Chidambaram in Sulekha

The Vedic Knowledge of Healing in Sulekha

Vrata -- A Spiritual Elevator in Sulekha

Discovering the Anthropomorphic Lion in Indian Art, in Marg, Volume 55, Number 4, June 2004.

The Sphinxes of India on Swaveda





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